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April 29, 2016

Monitoring vCenter Health Remotely with vRealize Operations – Part 2

In this blog we’ll step through how you can monitor a Microsoft SQL Server remotely using vRealize Operations Manager. This includes setting up the requisite credentials on the SQL server, creating relationships to vCenter, and a custom dashboard that shows SQL performance for vCenter. Read more »
April 14, 2016

Converged Monitoring within vRealize Operations

Converged infrastructure is becoming commonplace in IT environments, and for good reason. Prevalidated compliance between hardware layers, bundled hardware optimizations, and ease of scalability have numerous benefits to the adopting organizations, both financially and technically. Read more »
April 4, 2016

Understand the Compute Layer in vRealize Operations

Monitoring, understanding, and optimizing compute performance is a crucial aspect of any IT environment, and it becomes even more important with virtualization. VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) helps you realize the benefits of virtualization without sacrificing visibility into the compute layer. Read more »
March 29, 2016

Using VMware vRealize Operations for Comprehensive Monitoring of Nimble Storage

In the world of big data, comprehensive monitoring of increasingly large systems has grown more and more complex. A new, simple monitoring solution will be available on April 7: Blue Medora’s VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Nimble Storage, giving administrators the ability to easily and efficiently monitor their Nimble Storage environments with insight into Nimble Storage components like arrays, pools, volumes, and more. Read more »
March 29, 2016

How to Balance your vRealize Web Sessions with F5 BIG-IP

Walk through how to configure F5 BIG-IP to load balance vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) web traffic. There are many reasons to consider configuring load balancing for these user logins. Read more »
March 22, 2016

Blast Off: Advanced Usage of the vRealize Operations REST API

In an earlier post I showed you the basics of the vRealize Operations Manager REST API. I called that one Straight-up Flying, but mostly showed you how to walk with the API. With this post, we’ll get a lot closer to airborne by reaching into vRealize to create SQL Server adapter instances, start them collecting and delete them again. Read more »
March 17, 2016

Network Troubleshooting in a 3-2-1 Hardware Stack

Even as information technology trends work toward simplifying architecture, complexities within the hardware stack are still evident. IT teams are often faced with the daunting task of determining where the root cause of an issue resides and, more specifically, what is causing the issue. Read more »
March 16, 2016

Installing and Configuring vROps Windows-Based Remote Collector

A variety of the available vRealize Operations Manager management packs require a Microsoft Windows-based remote collector as a part of their vROps architecture. Since the majority of customers deploy the Linux-based OVA, the steps for installation and configuration of a Windows-based remote collector are often unfamiliar to administrators. Read more »
March 16, 2016

Monitoring vCenter Health Remotely with vRealize Operations – Part 1

In this series, we will take a look at how we can monitor VMware vCenter leveraging vRealize Operations without having to deploy additional agents or code to vCenter or Microsoft SQL Server. Monitoring remotely is ideal because it removes any dependence on agents that have to be deployed and maintained on the target system, thus reducing the complexity of implementing and supporting your monitoring environment. Read more »
March 11, 2016

‘Crawl before you run, son!’: Opening a Location in APAC

Regional Sales Director of Blue Medora's new Asia Pacific location discusses the strategy of expanding early stage start-ups beyond national borders. Read more »
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