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January 17, 2017

Drive Better Database Performance Across Amazon Solutions

From gaining insight into network utilization to having the capability to report on key components like CPU and storage, extending visibility beyond traditional metrics and reporting within your Amazon database solutions can drive better performance across instances, resulting in higher performance across your IT stack.Read more »
January 13, 2017

How to Drive Better Performance from Your Converged Infrastructure with New Relic

Ensuring that you have enough shared resources for your converged infrastructure serves as the main concern for those who maintain those systems. With the Blue Medora Dell EMC VCE Vblock Plugin for New Relic, you gain insight into this -- and more -- to ensure that all components of your infrastructure are operating at peak performance.Read more »
January 12, 2017

Performance Monitoring and Analytics for EMC Storage using New Relic

When it comes to optimizing your application performance, having the right foundation in place across your IT stack can make all the difference. Issues or bottlenecks with your storage, for instance, can drain your resources and cause performance issues, or even worse, your entire application to crash.Read more »
January 12, 2017

Using VMware vROPs to Gain Deep Visibility into Hadoop Clusters

Because of its flexibility, scalability, resiliency, and power, Apache Hadoop is the big data solution of choice for many organizations of all sizes. However, one of the challenges that users face comes with visibility.Read more »
January 10, 2017

Data, Data, Data: How to Use Dashboards for Actionable Insights

For the past several years, big data has been predicted to take off and transform the way that we operate and do business as we know it. The trajectory has been a little slower than what was originally anticipated, but we are starting to see some traction in data and analytics across industries. IT organizations are beginning to see the biggest gains as they are able to take the data collected through monitoring and performance tools, and turn that into key metrics to analyze to drive value across the organization.Read more »
January 10, 2017

Next-Level Nagios Monitoring with vROps

When it comes to understanding how your hosts and systems are performing, Nagios serves as one of the best infrastructure monitoring tools in the industry. Now, with the launch of the Blue Medora Nagios Management Pack for vRealize Operations, you can extend your monitoring to a deeper level so you have essential insight into issues when they arise, pinpointing problems faster and driving optimal performance across your infrastructure.Read more »
January 6, 2017

Enhanced Query Monitoring now available in Blue Medora Microsoft SQL Management Pack

To help extend monitoring within your Microsoft SQL Server workloads, Blue Medora recently released an updated management pack for Microsoft SQL Server, featuring new monitoring capabilities for queries and extending its out-of-the-box dashboards to ensure you can optimize performance within your Microsoft SQL Server environment and across the IT stack.Read more »
January 5, 2017

Eliminate Storage Bottlenecks with the NetApp Storage Management Pack

To give you better insight into storage latency and performance issues, Blue Medora today launched an updated version of its NetApp Storage Management Pack for vRealize Operations, which now includes more external relationships and support for NetApp API Services 2.0.Read more »
January 3, 2017

Extend Visibility into Xen Hypervisor with Blue Medora

Understanding how key resources within your Xen Hypervisor environment are performing is essential to drive optimal performance. Now available, the Blue Medora Xen Hypervisor Management Pack enables you to gain access to key performance metrics, out-of-the-box dashboards and reports, and capacity badges to truly understand how virtual layers are performing, from virtual storage to compute.Read more »
December 30, 2016

New Relic Insights Relationships for Blue Medora Plugins

Often times it is important to be able to understand the relationships between resources monitored by New Relic. Using New Relic Insights, Blue Medora plugins provide for this added functionality via a table called “blue_medora_relationships”. This table contains relationships between various resources so that you can gain understanding of things like “which databases are on this SQL server” or “what datastores does this virtual machine use”?Read more »
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