Achieving Cost Savings, Flexibility, and Speed via integration of Oracle MWaaS / DBaaS and VMware with the Blue Medora EM12c plugin for VMware

Monday, December 2nd, 2013by Blue Medora Admin   | Oracle Enterprise Manager

Since the release of EM12c in October 2011 and in particular since the releases of EM12c Release 2 and Release 3 Oracle has invested an incredible amount of time, effort, and resources into building the industry’s #1 platform for Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) and Middleware-as-a-Service (MWaaS) capabilities for Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) respectively.

Adoption of these new “as-a-Service” capabilities has rapidly increased over the past 18 months as Oracle customers have been quick to exploit the end-user focused on-demand provisioning, cloning, scale-up, scale-down, and user Self-Service capabilities introduced via Oracle EM12c-based MWaaS and DBaaS.   Customers have been consistently noting that they are gaining efficiencies including:

  • Overall reduction of costs by 50%
  • Ability to deploy applications 90x faster
  • Tangible shift of resources from maintaining Oracle DB and WLS environments to innovating

In other words, Oracle EM12c-based MWaaS and DBaaS has introduced a paradigm shift and produced game-changing efficiencies in an area that has been relatively statics for many years.

While most of Oracle’s MWaaS / DBaaS functionality is available for other non-Oracle platforms (physical hardware, other hypervisors, etc), one of the most important aspects of achieving MWaaS / DBaaS cost-savings — the dramatically (as much as 90x) reduced deployment times via automated provisioning of template-based virtual machine images containing preconfigured Oracle Database or WLS deployments, was only available for Oracle VM and Oracle Exadata.

This latest release of the Blue Medora EM12c plugin for VMware extends Oracle EM12c by seamlessly making available your VMware-base virtualization infrastructure, along with all the benefits on running on VMware, into Oracle’s MWaaS / DBaaS capability.

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Subsequent blog posts will focus on how to install and configure this latest feature, however, the key take-away is that ALL of the benefits and capabilities of Oracle EM12c-based MWaaS And DBaaS are now available to you when using VMware as your virtualization platform.