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EM Plug-in for VMware Feature Pack 1 coming soon!

In just a couple weeks, Blue Medora will be announcing the Feature Pack 1 (FP1) release of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-in for VMware.  The FP1 release comes directly from our customers’ feedback. Here are three topics we have been hearing about from our users and what you can expect from the VMware plug-in in response:

  1.  I want to see all of my layers at once.  The revamped Virtual Machine UI (see screenshot below) provides visibility into the status and performance of the Virtual Machine, Hypervisor, and Datastore virtualization layers from a single view.
  2. I don't want just another systems management tool for VMware.  You need a tool that understands your workloads and virtualization layer in concert together.  The VMware plug-in automatically detects Oracle Workloads running on managed virtual machines and pulls back key performance statistics for a seamless experience between Oracle and non-Oracle assets.
  3. How can you simplify the virtualization layer for me? You may not be interested granular VMware metrics.  You may only want to know how to solve and prevent poor performance without going too deep into virtualization subject matter knowledge. The VMware plug-in ships with out-of-the-box expert recommendations and configurable thresholds -- tailored to the Oracle administrator -- for those pesky virtualization incidents you may encounter.    
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  Over the next couple weeks, I will be diving deeper into these topics and even more features not discussed here to show you how to make your life easier and realize significant performance gains with the Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-in for VMware. Until then, you can always contact the Blue Medora team at info[at]  

Posted By Bryce Kaiser
January 29, 2013 Tuesday, January 29, 2013