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Hello, I am Fred

Hello Blue Medora Blog Readers! My name is Fred Weichselbaum and I’ve recently joined Blue Medora as Sales Director. I lead our direct and reseller sales efforts world wide for the products that we offer besides our OEM products for IBM.

First of all, Thank you IBM! You’ve helped us to become a successful and growing software development firm and we greatly appreciate your continued confidence in our abilities to add value to your widely implemented Tivoli Monitoring software.

I’m very excited about what is going on here, especially with the company’s 2012 entry into the business of building plug-ins to extend the reach of Oracle’s Enterprise Manager platform to third party technologies and other very useful capabilities. We look forward to great success here as well.

Blue Medora’s products and their value propositions are familiar territory for me. IT infrastructure and application performance monitoring and management (APM) have been my life-blood throughout my software career.

I first became involved in this space as a sales representative for Candle Corporation during the late 80’s and early 90’s. This is were I first gained an appreciation for giving mainframe systems programmers visibility into the OS (MVS and DOS VSE at the time) and the critical CICS transaction processing sub-system via the still market pervasive Omegamon product line, which is now part of the IBM Tivoli Software brand.

At the time, tools for monitoring and managing systems performance and availability were rare. Candle and Boole & Babbage dominated this nascent market. These early products gave systems programmers the instrumentation needed to diagnose issues when problems occurred. We used to say that they were the gages and gauges that provided information to make it possible to keep the mainframe running smoothly at all times, just like a pilot relies on the plane’s array of instruments to arrive safely at the destination. In fact, we’d often ask prospective customers to imagine flying a plane without any instrumentation and under which conditions this would be sensible. Then we’d take the conversation back to why it makes sense to have analogous instrumentation for the mainframe. Yes, life was simpler back then!

As they evolved, these early products added capabilities for proactively identifying the early warning signs of impending doom – situations that would potentially, if not certainly, impact services levels. This enabled systems programmers to become less reactive and more able to anticipate and prevent problems before devastating damage could be done.

As PC’s, servers, and networking became prevalent within the enterprise in the early 90’s, more and more software companies came to market with products aimed at providing monitoring and management capabilities across various components of,

what became frequently referred to as, open systems. I also continued my software career along these lines.

Other vendors with significant monitoring and management offerings where I’ve worked in chronological order include Platinum Technology (based in my home town of Chicago), BMC Software (which acquired previously mentioned Boole & Babbage), Precise Software (Leaders in Oracle Database performance management) and most recently, IBM Tivoli. I joined a few of these by way of acquisition. Any one who’s been in the software industry for a while knows how incestuous it is in terms of Big Fish eating Little Fish. I could write another post on my history of having been through acquisitions!

So, as mentioned at the start of this piece, in joining Blue Medora, I am really getting back to familiar territory; one might say, my roots. I’m well versed in the capabilities and benefits of monitoring products and their business value. I’ve been in fast growing companies and understand what it takes to launch a successful product from inception to Main Street market adoption.

This is going to be a fun and fast paced year at Blue Medora. The company enjoys and established a reputation for excellence in software engineering and support. I am here to carry that excellence into the sales, marketing, and customer satisfaction arenas.

Please help me do this by providing any feedback you’d like to share with us. I may be reached directly at 1-847-383-5309,, Twitter @flweich. I’m also on LinkedIn and Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you!

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January 17, 2013 Thursday, January 17, 2013