Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware

Plugin for VMware Testimonial:

Real-time views of VMware health, performance, and availability as well as native integration with VMware alerts
Provision and modify VMware VMs as well as manage VM power operations
Integrated Oracle-BI Publisher-based availability, capacity, and rightsizing reports for all VMware components
"Having the VMware monitoring capability inside Enterprise Manager is very important. I don’t want to have to open another tool outside of Enterprise Manager to see when I have issues going on with my virtual machines."
-- Leighton Nelson, Lead DBA at a large Midwestern health care provider
The Plugin for VMware extends Oracle Enterprise Manager's visibility into 350 performance health, availability, and performance metrics including Disk, CPU, Memory, and Network for VMware Cluster, ESX Hypervisors, Datastores, and Virtual Machines. Beyond metrics, the Plugin for VMware provides access to VMware's native Alerts as well as native EM12c thresholds and incidents. The Plugin for VMware adds 10+ VMware specific dashboards that provided a unified view of all of your Oracle workloads running in VMware with an emphasis on pulling together key Oracle Database and VMware metric that allow you isolate and remediate issues quickly.
The Plugin for VMware bridges Oracle EM12c's unprecedented capabilities around managing Oracle workloads and underlying infrastructure to the VMware vSphere environment. The Plugin for VMware delivers new capabilities to edit VM configurations, provision and/or clone new VMs, power on/off, suspend, and reset VMs -- enabling these VMware operations both within the EM12c UI as well as inside of higher level EM12c jobs, procedures, and DBaaS and PaaS scenarios.

Oracle BI-Published reports focused on VMware historical availability, performance, and capacity planning are bundled with the Plugin for VMware as well as a comprehensive BI Publisher data model that allows users to easily generate their own ad-hods reports. The historical data collected by the VMware plugin when used in combination the Oracle BI Publisher reports allow customers to quickly generate Oracle DB on VMware inventory reports, forecast performance, as well as rightsize VMware virtual machines for Oracle workloads.