vRealize Operations Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager

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Integrate VMware vRealize Operations with Oracle Enterprise Manager. Leverage vROps' comprehensive visibility, proactive performance management, and capacity optimization for Oracle database, Oracle middleware, Oracle applications, and Oracle server/storage workloads.

Features & Benefits

Extend the value of vRealize Operations with Oracle data collected by Oracle Enterprise Manager

VMware customers who have implemented Oracle's Enterprise Manager platform for monitoring and managing their IT and application infrastructures are capturing and storing a wealth of data that can be unlocked by the powerful predictive analytic capabilities that VMware vRealize Operations brings to the enterprise.  In order to leverage this data and gain the benefits of the insights it can reveal, a flexible and reliable automated method for moving that data from Enterprise Manager into vRealize Operations is required. 

Oracle Database running within VMware virtual machine mashup dashboard

Blue Medora provides the solution for addressing this requirement for Oracle workloads with the vRealize Operations Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager.

With the vRealize Operations Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle customers are able to gain comprehensive visibility and insights into the performance, capacity and health of their Oracle workloads running on VMware.

  • Leverages your existing investments in Oracle Enterprise Manager and vRealize Operations.  This is the only vROps Management Pack of its type for integrating these two platforms.
  • vRealize Operations is part of a suite that has been shown to increase the savings associated with VMware virtualization alone by 31%*.  Increase the value even more by including data from Enterprise Manager!

Oracle Database components (including RAC) relationships to VMware layers

The vROps Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager enhances VMware vRealize Operations by adding the following capabilities:

  • Operations Dashboard  Provides at-a-glance views into health, risk and efficiency of your virtualized Oracle infrastructure
  • Workload Details View  Get in-depth analysis of what is impacting performance and health Oracle database, RAC, WebLogic, and other virtualized Oracle workloads
  • Proactive Smart Alerts  Automated root cause analysis provides advanced notification of building issues before end users are impacted
  • Automated Correlation of Change Events  Trace back degradation of performance and health to changes within the Oracle landscape or inside the guest OS for better configuration management
  • Heat Map Views  Get visibility into all areas of your Oracle infrastructure to identify resource constraints and bottlenecks
  • Capacity and Trending Analysis  Performance trends, forward looking projections and extended forecasts provide insight into current and future resource needs and usage for informed capacity management and planning
  • Capacity Reporting  Automatically generate and send capacity report in a variety of formats

* From The Benefits of VMware’s vRealize Operations Management Suite: Quantifying the Incremental Value of the vRealize Operations Management Suite for vSphere Customers, by Sonia Sheffield, SVP, and Jack Mandelbaum, CEO, Management Insight Technologies, September, 2012.

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Latest Release Notes

This first release of the Blue Medora vRealize Operations Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager provides numerous performance improvements over the last release level provided and supported by VMware, plus a number Oracle-on-VMware-centric dashboards that customers can use to diagnose and troubleshoot Oracle on VMware issues out of the box.

Technical Details

The Oracle Enterprise Manager Management Pack is an embedded Management Pack that collects data from Oracle Enterprise Manager database management tables contained within the Oracle Management Repository (OMR).  It has the following technical features and requirements:

  • Retrieves Oracle-specific resource kinds. You can specify the resource kinds to collect in a configuration file. The adapter creates metrics when it retrieves resource kinds.
  • Uses auto-discovery and manual discovery to create Oracle resources with vROps.
  • Requires a JDBC connection to the Oracle Enterprise Manager database and a credential to sign on to the database. You must open an Oracle JDBC to the OMR  and have a valid Oracle JDBC connection URL.
  • Requires the user account that the adapter uses to connect to the Oracle Enterprise Manager database to have rights to run the Discovery, Realtime Collect, Historical Collect, Availability Check, and Timezone Check queries.
  • Supports Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g and 12c.