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With more visibility comes more possibilities

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Plugin for VMWare

Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware

Enrich the Oracle admin experience by extending EM12c to include contextual VMware-focused information

Understand Virtualization Bottlenecks

You could be experiencing bottlenecks at the virtual layer. Now you won’t have to wonder.

Visualize Performance

See metrics, thresholds, incidents, reporting, and management for VMware datacenters, clusters, hypervisors, datastores, and virtual machines.

Reduce Finger Pointing

Automatically notify the correct team when an incident occurs.

Get a complete picture of the health, availability, performance, and capacity of Oracle workloads running on VMware

The Blue Medora Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware provides fully integrated continuous monitoring of VMware-based virtualization environments. With the Oracle EM12c Plugin for VMware, Oracle Admins no longer require “yet another console” or the disruptive meetings with the VMware admin team to understand how VMware is affecting Oracle performance. The plugin enables all EM12c functionality for VMware including metrics, thresholds, incidents, reporting, and management for VMware datacenters, clusters, hypervisors, storage, and virtual machines.

Product Features

  • Removes blind spots – each layer of Oracle and VMware is exposed within Oracle EM12c
  • Allows Oracle DBAs and admins to see when the problem exists in the VMware layer
  • Enable information sharing between Oracle DBAs and VMware admins
  • Understand how VMware CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network usage is affecting your Oracle workloads
  • Enables BI Publisher reporting for common Oracle on VMware scenarios
  • Enables VMware VM power operations within Oracle EM12c
  • View VMware alerts in Oracle EM12c – including viewing the specific VMware alerts affecting your Oracle Database instance from directly with EM12c’s Oracle Database plugin page
  • Common Use Cases for Deploying the Oracle EM12c Plugin for VMware:
    • Enables Oracle EM12c as “single pane of glass” for monitoring & managing the complete IT Infrastructure supporting Oracle, including VMware
    • Eliminate the “black box.” View how VMware impacts business critical Oracle workloads
    • Provide EM12c users with access to the actual resources used in VMware instead of only inaccurate metrics reported by EM12c Hosts
    • View & optionally configure VMware virtual machine settings, such as memory and CPU reservations & limits for optimizing performance using EM12c
    • Monitor for balloon memory in VMware right from within EM12c
    • Gain visibility into real time alerts and incidents occurring in VMware
    • Set thresholds on key VMware metrics independent of those set by the infrastructure team

Screen Shots

Technical Requirements

VMware vSphere Support

  • VMware vSphere 4.1
  • VMware vSphere 5.0
  • VMware vSphere 5.1
  • VMware vSphere 5.5
  • VMware vSphere 6.0

Supported Oracle EM Versions

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, R2+

Oracle EM12c OMA Support

  • All EM12c supported Linux 64-bit Intel platforms
  • All EM12c supported Windows 64-bit Intel platforms


Support is available by phone, email, or self-serve through our Knowledge Base.

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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Plugin for VMware

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