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Save Time

Add, modify, and delete local and global load balancing

Eliminate Tasks

Customize and automate tasks in your system from 50+ flexible base workflows

Reduce Errors

Automate server maintenance and reduce accidental misconfiguration

Bring your entire BIG-IP hierarchy into vRealize Orchestrator

The Blue Medora vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In for F5 BIG-IP streamlines provisioning of BIG-IP management through full-stack workflows. The fully supported vRO plug-in automates BIG-IP tasks such as auto-scaling, application provisioning, and automatic systems maintenance and patching. With F5 BIG-IP plug-in, administrators are able to provision and scale services automatically and dynamically, enabling one-click application stack deployment.

This plug-in brings your entire BIG-IP hierarchy into vRealize Orchestrator so you can:

  • Take advantage of 50+ new workflows.
  • Monitor BIG-IP physical and virtual devices, including related iApps.
  • Completely control more than 900 BIG-IP object types.

Technical Requirements

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Top 10 BIG-IP Workflows in vRealize Orchestrator

  • Create Pool
  • Create Pool Member
  • Create Virtual Server
  • Create Device Group
  • Add Device to Device Group
  • Update Management IP
  • Upload/Add IRule
  • Enable/Disable Pool Member
  • Add Standard Profile to Virtual Server
  • License BIG-IP

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