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Eliminate Silos

Add Nutanix to get full-stack visibility inside vROps

Increase Availability

Resolve issues quickly with intelligent alerts and recommendations

Accelerate Performance

Identify Nutanix latency and throughput issues fast with cross-stack relationship views

Monitor Nutanix in heterogeneous environments using vRealize Operations

Nutanix hyperconverged clusters are an ideal foundation for a private cloud, but they can end up siloed-off in most organizations. In addition, Nutanix’s software-defined architecture can add an additional layer of complexity in a mature virtualized environment.

The Blue Medora vRealize Operations Management Pack for Nutanix allows you to monitor the health of your hyperconverged systems inside vRealize Operations alongside the rest of your heterogeneous IT stack. Once installed, you’ll see your Nutanix systems within vRealize Operations Viewsgiving you a clear and accurate understanding of the relationships between Nutanix and VMware VMs, hosts and datastores. When paired with Blue Medora’s other management packs for Lenovo compute or Dell PowerEdge servers you can include additional data on hardware health and availability. And, if you’re using F5 BIG-IP to support your application services, you can see the connections between your F5 nodes and Nutanix VMs using the Blue Medora Management Pack for F5 BIG-IP. Armed with these details, and our intelligent alerts, you can identify and Nutanix performance and health issues faster and more accurately.

Out-of-the-box Dashboards

Get up and running immediately with eight of our most commonly requested dashboards, including:

  • Nutanix Overview
  • Nutanix Cluster Overview
  • Nutanix Health Investigation
  • Nutanix Latency, IOPS, Throughput Detail
  • Nutanix CVM Detail
  • Nutanix VM to VMware Detail
  • Nutanix Host to VMware Detail
  • Nutanix Storage Container to VMware Detail


Technical Requirements

  • VMware vRealize Operations
    • Advanced or Enterprise license
    • 6.0.x, 6.1.x, or 6.2.x
  • Nutanix
    • NX 1000+
  • View Certification Matrix

Product Features

  • 8 dashboards provide at-a-glance updates on overall system health
  • Over 1000 operational metrics give you native-tool detail inside vROps
  • 5 ready-to-share reports on health, capacity and performance
  • Intelligent alerts that find you when it matters
  • Built-in expert recommendations based on key metrics

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